As one of the divisions in LW Design Group, LW Engineers, established in 2006 under the leadership of Finn Theilgaard works to achieve the high standards set by the group in all aspects of its interactions. Our focus is on designing simple and economical structures, which fulfil the Architect and Client’s requirements, and at the same time adds value to the buildings by specifying quality materials and building methods. This approach ensures that the client’s expectations regarding construction period, economy and quality are met.


Our services include design and detailing, covering all types of structures in concrete, steel, pre-stressed and post-tensioned concrete and composite materials covering Hotels, Residential, Commercial, Educational and Healthcare facilities.

We are specialist consultants and among the very few consultancies that provide precast structural design, having executed numerous projects including schools, residential, carparks and façade cladding projects.


In addition, LW Engineers performs review and peer review of existing design including value engineering, re-design and provision of alternative construction solutions