LW Promotions

We are excited to announce the following promotions at LW:


ADRIAN BATTISBY – Senior Director of Interior Design

Adrian is a highly experienced hospitality interior design consultant with over 25 years’ experience in the industry, 9 of those years spent at LW. He is a creative innovator and leader in design, working closely together with LW’s founder Jesper Godsk.

“I am extremely proud to represent LW Interiors in my new role as senior director of interior design. I would like to thank our wonderful clients who allow us to realise their dreams. Our studios in Asia and the Middle East grow from strength to strength, demonstrating our commitment to these key hospitality markets. LW has made an enormous contribution to the hospitality design scene with Jesper at the helm, and we will continue to do so.”

RACHEL KIDD – Design Director – Interior Design

Rachel Kidd has worked at LW since 2007 and with a keen eye for detail and a strong FF&E background her experience speaks for itself. With many award winning projects under her belt, she has carved a name for herself in the industry. Over the years she has worked in both international luxury and lifestyle hospitality, allowing her to have a wide range of design experience in her repertoire.

“As I am always proud of LW’s many achievements, this is an extremely exciting opportunity to be able to continue and develop the company’s legacy. Alongside our talented team of designers, I look forward to expanding our diverse portfolio and delivering more exceptional, award winning projects both locally and Internationally.”

POOJA SHAH-MULANI – Design Director – Interior Design

Pooja Mulani is an award winning designer who has been at the firm since 2012. Her diverse cultural background has been instrumental in weaving together unique designs throughout the region as well as internationally.

“I feel so proud of the team and the projects that we create at LW. I have been extremely fortunate to have the opportunity to collaborate with Jesper our CEO & Founder on several of LW’s landmark projects, who is a constant source of inspiration.
I am excited to embark on the next steps of my creative journey with LW as Director, where I have the privilege of working alongside such a great team of talented and creative designers.”

STEPHEN MCILVENNA – Associate – Architecture

Stephen has been with LW since 2015 and during that time he has worked on a diverse variety of projects, from UAE Foreign Embassies, to high end residential towers and Luxury Villas. His time working in Hong Kong and extensive travel experience has provided him with the ability to communicate effectively with such a diverse group of designers and consultants and it is that diversity which gives each project such a unique character.

“I’m very proud to be working with such fantastic people at LW and our team spirit is really what allows our design flair to flourish. I am excited for our future and I know that the best is yet to come for LW!”

ANDREW HARMS – Associate – Technical Design Manager, Interior Design

With over 18 years of architectural & interior design experience, Andrew joined LW in 2016 to develop the technical and delivery output of our Hong Kong studio. After 3 1/2 successful years of working on projects throughout Asia and the Middle East, Andrew set out to influence his work ethic and standards into our already organised and established delivery team in Dubai, which now continues to strive under his leadership.

“Since joining LW, I was instantly impressed with the depth of the skill set available, allowing high level concepts to be developed through to construction documentation & on site delivery. I knew I was joining an experienced team but I was also very proud of the togetherness shown during the lockdown months. I am now looking forward to the future, taking what we have learnt from the lockdown period, maintaining our high attention to detail throughout our design stages.”