The design of the Conrad Hotel, Doha has been developed to maximise the synergy of the aspirations of the City of Doha and the Conrad Hotel brand, drawing on the themes of ‘smart luxury’, ‘timelessness’ and ‘elegance’.

The elegant and finely detailed stonework facade provides a solidity, with the detailed fine elements – expressed as joints and junctions – reducing the perceived bulkiness and visual mass of the building, instead drawing attention to more human scaled elements. The veined stone cladding is arranged in differing width panels to create an interesting rhythmic order to the building while the slab edges are expressed as slender stone linear elements providing order to the pattern. The full height windows allow for expansive views and maximise the sense of openness and lightness from within the guestrooms. The two upper floors have adjoined windows bound by a single framing element, appearing as a single element to help diminish the verticality of the facade, further reducing the visual bulk of the building.

The building embraces the drop off courtyard placed in the centre of the plot. Facing the courtyard we have on ground floor level, the hotel entrance at the centre, the ballroom entrance and a restaurant on the south wing and on the north wing another F&B entrance. On the mezzanine level the 2 terraces with outdoor dining create an interesting visual relationship from different levels.


Conrad Hotel

Hotels & Resorts, Architecture

Area: 58,503 sq.m.

Doha, Qatar