In the hotel’s opulent expanse, guests will find that less is more, the minimalist design leaves more room for imagination and interpretation of the space. Nonetheless, the design team does intend to highlight different areas with classic “Edition” features that pay attention to meticulous detail.

Upon entering the alluring interior, visitors will be met with stunning architecture, which is essential to the design. The lobby will have a triple height arched ceiling that frames around the Burj Khalifa as one’s view closes in on the façade.

Among the various design elements selected for the project, timber was one of them. The design team opted for warmer timber grains, which could be manipulated using carefully selected lighting. Nevertheless, The Dubai Edition, will have a little bit of everything so as to provide visitors and travelers with a multi-faceted experience.

In fact, the entire affair will revolve around stimulating the different senses – The Edition signature candle aromas immediately bring a sense of place wherever you are in the world, the buzz of chatter accompanied by soothing music, and the feeling of modest sophistication at every turn.


• Creative Spark, Top Hotel World Tour 2019



The Dubai Edition

Hotels & Resorts, Interior Design

Dubai, UAE