Conceived as a collection of spaces stretching around a U-shape courtyard, the integration and seamless blend of inside and out lies at the cornerstone of Khan Villa’s architectural concept. Each space is typically just one room wide, enabling it to enjoy daylight from two, sometimes three directions. The interior has a direct relationship to the external landscaping with gardens and palm-lined terraces becoming valuable backdrops to every room through the use of sliding glass doors. Large overhanging canopies and pergolas invite a dappled light into the courtyards and terraces, while diluting the strength of the midday sun inside. A simple colour scheme and material finishes of textured render, travertine stone, oak timber and bronze metallic powder coatings provide a neutral palette – an ideal base for the owner’s colourful art collection


Khan Villa

Residential, Architecture

Area: 1,150 sq.m.

Dubai, UAE