The concept is created around the many theatrical aspects of the Cantonese kitchen and also pays homage to the beautiful traditions of Chinese design. Piles of timber, displayed alongside ornamental blue ceramic vases, are ready for use in the specialised Peking duck oven. Bamboo dim sum steamers and a mosaic of old Chinese coins decorate the working kitchen, where chefs can be seen preparing the delicacies on the upscale menu.

Private dining rooms have been included in the configuration of the space to accommodate those seeking a more intimate gathering. These rooms boast blue lacquered wood panel walls, with large round tables encircled by contemporary pale grey leather and dark wood chairs. Traditional back lit trellis details have been set into the walls and ceiling. This lighting detail is completed by an oversized modern take on the lantern that is suspended above the table. Dark timber and weathered stone feature in the floors.

Lai is a respectful modern interpretation of many magnificent details of the rich Chinese culture, drawn on for the menu but also the atmospheric details. These work together to leave diners transported to a different time and place.


Lai Restaurant

Restaurants & Bars, Interior Design

Saigon, Vietnam